Air Freight


We provide just the right Air Cargo / Air Charter service for whatever you’re shipping.


For customers working to a deadline and needing to transport their goods over long distances, air freight is the ideal solution. Asa Tarabar shargh by offering a comprehensive rangeof international air cargo solutions and unbeatable levels of customer service is one of the leading Iranian Company in providing safe air service.


Your Benefits

Our professional teams are always available to advise you. Their specialized, industry-focused approach will make certain your air cargo travels the safest, speediest and most cost-effective way possible.

All airfreight shipments are intensively planned, controlled and measured, so your shipments are monitored door-to-door within our network, giving you the information you need, when you need it.

Asa Tarabar air freight department has been designed to meet the challenges our customers face in today’s dynamic production and service environments. Talk to us today, and let us start thinking of new ways to make your air cargo movements more effective.


•         Air freight charter solutions

Our team of charter experts has the ability to move any air freight shipments including oversized cargo, dangerous materials, and worthwhile cargo. our global network and 24/7 operations, Air Partner provides the resource and expertise to charter the right freight aircraft for your shipment. All this backed by seamless support and logistical excellence throughout your flight.


•         Heavy & Oversized

 Many of our clients are unable to split their cargo over different scheduled services or send oversized freight on lengthy journeys by land or sea. Air Charter Service are available to help with:

Oil industry assemblies, including large pipes and drilling equipment
Power station parts

Marine diesel engines engineering constructions

Aircraft parts including engines for grounded aircraft

Satellites for space missions

Vehicle transportation, such as jeeps and communications trailer